Mrs. Leaf Man

Today we were raking some leaves.  We got a really big pile! I was like, “nice haystack, maybe a leaf stack, maybe we should make a leaf man!” So Mark stuck two rakes for his hands. I ran inside and got a hat. Then we got two of the same kind of buckets for his eyes and for his nose a purple bucket.

Then we ran inside and told Mom “we found a leaf man, he was hiding in the woods.”

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Too

Today we went to see the play Winnie the Pooh. The play was done by a nearby school. They did good!

Piglet was my favorite! She got a pie in the face because she got the most money at the play (they were raising money for the drama team by voting for favorite characters).

Thank you Oma and Opa for taking us!

P.S.  We had our first Upward Soccer game.  I did a GREAT, Great, Great job. Our team worked hard and lost 5 to 7. I am looking to our next game.

First Soccer Game

Andrea and I have our first soccer game this Saturday, 1 May at 10:00. Mark’s first game is this week too (at 9:00), but he will probably miss it because he has his Pinewood Derby Race at the Elkhart Plaza.  We do not know if we will see his race, though we will watch them set up.

Hope to see you at Nortside Church of the Nazarene to cheer us on! Our games are most every Saturday for the next two months.

Bonneyville Mill

millWalking with DaddyIt's fallOn Saturday, we went to the mill.  We took a walk. I found a really pretty leaf.  I asked for part of some corn.  We are going to put it under the microscope.  We bought some flour.  A dragonfly landed on Mark’s shoulder.

We learned this in school today, and it is a trivia question for you.  What is pericarp?corn coatsPretty fall leaf

Pumpkin Fun

Our pumpkinsToday at Nature Nuts, I made a book about pumpkins.  They first start out as a seed.  Then a sprout, then a plant, then they flower, then a little green pumpkin starts to grow.  Then it gets yellowish, then it gets orange. Then you can pick it when it is all orange and make jack o lanterns!Cleaning

I got to pick a pie pumpkin. Do you know why they are called pie pumpkins? Because they have a lot of seeds to plant and lots of flesh for making pies!  Or you can cook the Carvingseeds and eat the seeds after they are cooked.

To make a jack o lantern, first wash your hands.  Because your hands may be dirty and get in your seeds.  Then you carve off the top and then take the seeds out.  Momma says “Save the seeds for Finishedlater!”  Then I carved out a mouth, then a nose, and then an eye, then another eye.  Then you wash your hands again because they are all gooey!

We got to eat pumpkin seeds and cookies, yummy cookies.

P.S.  Watch out for the pumpkin poop! 🙂Pumpkin poop

The Fun Circus!

soapy elephantToday, we went over to the Farmer’s Market.  There is a circus there.  We saw a miniature hippo (we think).  We saw elephants, they got washed, and they got decorated for the circus.Pony We saw some ponies, camels, a zebra, Llamas and some El Pacas.

My favorite was petting the pony! The pony was three months old.Petting

Momma found this poem by Red Skeleton.  I like parts of it.  He wrote it for his Daddy.

The Circus
By Red Skelton

The circus! The magical city
That appears and disappears with the bat of an eye.
A cathedral for children and adults
Made of canvas and trimmed with red wagons.
A sunburst of wheel, pink lemonade and cotton candy.
A temple housing the unity of man and beast…
All performing for the good of their fellow man
With shouts of glory.
The perfomers’ only reward is the echo of the applause
And laughter of children…

How sad it would be if my youth would pass away
And not see the beauty of the big red wagons,
And taste the rare vintage of pink lemonade!
Or become so blasé’ that I couldn’t offer a silent prayer
For the man on the flying trapeze,
Or sigh as I watch him swing to and fro.

P.S.  I got to see two boys spinning on two wheels.  They were practicing for tonight. It looked like “boy stuff”.