Surprise Number 2

At 12:15-ish,  Andrea and I went over to feed Rey and I saw a little white thing in the dry lot. It was another baby alpaca! It is the first one I have ever found. I was really excited!

Mark and I think it is a girl. She is 10.9 pounds. Just a little heavier then Rey. Rey and the new baby look a lot alike, but Rey has bigger ears.

Little Rey

Yesterday a new Crea was born! Her name is Rey, she weighs only 10 pounds. Her Mom Alaska does not have enough milk to feed her yet so we have to bottle feed her. We will feed her every 2 hours.

She is so cute.

P.S. Like how her mom photobombed the picture trying to get in it?

Kylo Ren

Finn and Poe meeting Kylo Ren.

Last month, a new baby alpaca born his name is Kylo Ren. He had to wear a crea coat for about a week after he was born because it was so cold out.

Kylo liked running in the field, And playing with Finn and Poe the other two baby alpacas who are about 5 months old.

These are some pictures of Kylo’s first time in the field.