Cows and Cactus: Some of My Favorite Things

Last week we enjoyed a quick trip to Colorado. We did a lot of work fixing up our grandparents’ house but were still able to have fun roaming.

One of the things I wanted to do, was to get a selfie with a cow. Some of my grandparents land is rented out to a rancher that keeps his cows one the land.One of the calf got out of fence so my great uncle and I chased it back in:)

Shooting or tree cactus

Another thing I like doing while in Colorado is go cactus hunting. I only collect the barrel cactus that are much smaller and better looking then the other cactus.

Barrel cactus

I also wanted to catch a rattlesnake and have one my uncles teach me how to skin it. Unfortunately, we did not see any snakes. My mom never said I couldn’t, but was thankful I didn’t.


Lost penny

Today is lost penny day. Here is a short story of my lost penny:

Today I lost my penny, I keep it in my right shoe. I was walking down Main street when I felt something in my shoe, so I took off my shoe and shook it out. That night when I got home and took off my shoe I could not find my penny! I guess I lost it because it was a Monday.

Cheese Lovers Day

Today is national cheese lovers day. So we had to write out a recipe for a cheese recipe that looked interesting or we made up. I made up this one.

Make up a batch of Italian sourdough bread dough. Divide dough in half, spread on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle on fully cooked bacon and cheddar cheese. Then spread rest of dough on top. Put in refrigerator till ready to cook. Cook at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Sprinkle on mozzarella, provolone, and cheddar cheese on top. Cook another five minutes to brown cheese. Then serve with garlic butter.

Megan made a different type of bread. Here is her recipe.

Take the same kind of bread as Audrey’s and then I put on some cheese and some cooked bacon on it. I sprinkled on onion powder. Then I rolled it like a cinnamon roll. I let it rise a few hours. Then I cooked it and added more cheese. It tasted very very good!


Kylo Ren

Finn and Poe meeting Kylo Ren.

Last month, a new baby alpaca born his name is Kylo Ren. He had to wear a crea coat for about a week after he was born because it was so cold out.

Kylo liked running in the field, And playing with Finn and Poe the other two baby alpacas who are about 5 months old.

These are some pictures of Kylo’s first time in the field.