Knitted Doll Headband

headbandHow to knit a doll headband, designed by me!

What you need:

Needles- size 10

2 colors of 4 ply yarn


Start by casting on 21 stitches in one colors knit for 5 rows change yarn to second color. Knit for 3 rows,  cast off.

Cut elastic to desired length.  Sew on to headband, put on your doll and have fun.

P.S You can enlarge it for a little girl.  For Megan, I used 40 stitches.



KnittingI  am learning how to knit. My neighbor, Mrs. Klaussen is teaching  me. I can knit and Purl. I learned how to make button holes too.

I started knitting on a loom, but I wanted to knit with needles. Grandma taught me some, but I didn’t quite get it. I noticed that Mrs. Klassen had her knitting stuff, so I asked her if she could teach me too, and she said yes.

I have also got books from the library. I know how to make a hat. I am working on knitting Daddy a coffee cozy and some other projects.

I want to learn to knit socks next.

Thank you Mrs. Klassen and Grandma for helping me learn how to knit!

I am Thankful for-Sewing

We went to Mrs. Beers (our neighbor) and we did crafts. We made little dolls and we looked in some of her scrap material. She gave me some material that she had used to make pajama pants for her granddaughter. There was enough left to make me some too. It was a little short, so we added some plain brown material to the bottom of it.

I did all the sewing except finishing up the hem.  I was having trouble with it and it was the first time I ever tried.  Momma said I need a lot more practice!

I am thankful that Mrs. Beer gave me some monkey material.  I am thankful that Momma taught me how to sew.

This is the very first thing that I have made almost all by myself. Except a little smidgen of it.  I really, really, really like them. They are nice and warm and I have not taken them off today. 🙂

My First Bag

I made a bag for camp.  It is purple and the inside is green with purple flowers. I made most of it.  Momma helped a little. The hardest part was the curves.

We made a toiletry bag to go with it. It was harder to make because of the plastic, so Momma helped me do it.

Andrea made a bag too. Andrea sewed more than I did because I have been sewing less than she has.

I had fun making my bag.