Soccer Coach

This is Megan.  Momma helped me get on Audrey’s blog 🙂

Audrey is a good soccer coach.  She is really good! She is teaching us how to be a goalie.  She helps us have fun. She is the worlds best soccer coach!

For old times sake

Audrey.2016AudreybandageYesterday I was playing outside and tripped and fell on ice. Andrea said “your nose is bleeding, you better go tell Mom.”  We washed it good and put a bandaid on it.  It reminded me a lot of when I was little.

It was late October and we were going on a walk.  We don’t remember the exact story but I tripped and fell and skinned my knees.  I got in the wagon and Mom hit me on the head with the wagon handle accidentally.  The wagon fell in there somewhere too, getting my nose. (Oma might remember this story better than I do!)

Growing up, I almost always had a bandaid on.  I would go to the mailbox and by the time I got back I would need a bandaid.  Momma stopped giving “sympathy bandaids” to the other kids because I needed so many myself 🙂