How this page works:

    • Please ONLY buy stuff off this list
    • Please ask Mom or Dad if you have ideas other than what is on my list.
    • If you chose to get something not approved or on my list, please include the gift receipt.
  • Thank you!

Anything you buy will be kept secret. I love surprises as much as you like giving them.

Backpacking and Camping

  • Fox outfitter Premium hammock with mosquito net and rain cover double size preferred.  Color: Khaki/Olive
  • Extra long hammock straps- support 500 pounds because not sure what hammock supports.  Not sure best place to get.  25 feet or more.

 Shark Watch that will not break at work


Stuff for the dog:

Biothane  tug toy

Large “betterbone” HAS to be the tough ones. (Code:MAKOBANE25)



Sunglasses- Everglades 

Favorite Treats

Dynamite Doritos

Salt and Vinegar KETTLE Chips

Salt and Vinegar Almonds

Shelled Pistachios

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