New Little Girl

There is a new little girl in our family! Now I am holding her and she is trying to climb off of me.

Her name is Megan. She is a cute sleeper. She likes to hang on to my fingers and I was holding her and she started to cry, I put her down, and she was like “aaahhh”.  She really looks like a little girl.

I have a doll that is as large as a new born.  Megan is smaller then she is and Megan is going to wear an outfit that fits Big Baby perfectly.She also sleeps in Big Babies cradle.

Andrea and I changed Megan’s diaper, and Andrea said it looks like she squirted mustard in her diaper! Mark we changed a stinky diaper before you! When you get back, you are changing the next one!

Crazy Mouse and Ferris Wheel

Daddy took us to the fair yesterday. He got two tickets for each of us to ride on rides. It was dollar day so everything was only a dollar!

I picked rides that I have never been on. I picked the Ferris Wheel first, to see how high I was on Crazy Mouse. There was a long line for Crazy Mouse.  Everyone wanted to ride Crazy Mouse.

Mark went on the Loop De Loop. Andrea did a fun house. They went on Crazy Mouse with me. Adrian went on the slide and the Merry go round.

I did not really like Crazy Mouse because I felt like I was going to fall. I don’t know if I would do it again. I will probably try it when I get bigger. I am glad I did not do it alone! I am very glad!

We also played a game by the cows. Adrian won a picture of cows. Mark and Andrea both won a piece of candy. I won a ticket for some free strawberry vanilla twist ice cream! We got the ice cream and ate it in the car because it started to rain, HARD!

Spending the Night!

Auntie Angelique asked if Andrea and I could come over and spend the night. We made some pizza and had cheese sandwiches with crackers instead of bread. We watched Parent Trap (with Haley Mills).  My friend Ianna came over too.

We all slept together in a big bed. Uncle Sam had to read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe because we had trouble getting to sleep.

I woke up and then I took a shower. Then we ate breakfast, bread and eggs and BACON! Then it was time to go.

It was FUN! Fun, Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

Bonneyville Mill

millWalking with DaddyIt's fallOn Saturday, we went to the mill.  We took a walk. I found a really pretty leaf.  I asked for part of some corn.  We are going to put it under the microscope.  We bought some flour.  A dragonfly landed on Mark’s shoulder.

We learned this in school today, and it is a trivia question for you.  What is pericarp?corn coatsPretty fall leaf

Car A pples

SistersToday is Andrea’s birthday!  We went to the park.  We played on a tire swing and went down the fire pool.  We played with sand. I wish we had sand at home. We had ice cream.  We saw colorful leaves.  We found a beautiful, really pretty pink leaf.

Peel wrapperWe also made Mummies and Carmel Apples.  Here’s how you make Caramel Apples.  Melt caramel candies, wash some apples. Get some wax paper on a pan and butter it. Get a stick and push it through the apple. Then take the melted caramels and get the apple and put it in the caramels. Then you take it out and put some jack-o-lantern shaped candy and put it in the sprinkles. Then you put it on the pan.Finished

There you have it.Eat