Art Exhibit

VaseWe made some vases.  Then we painted some flowers.  Then we cut them out.  Then we glued the flowers on the vases.

You need a dark room.  Then you put a piece of paper on the wall and then you turn a flashlight on and then you make your silhouette. Then you cut it out and glue it on a big piece of construction paper.  You make your flowers–we used water paint.  Then cut them out.  We glued the flowers on.


I made a picture of me and Daddy.  I used a white board and markers.

These are my best work this week!

Peanut Butter Cups

Press in peanutbutterI wanted to make “Reeces Peanut Butter Cups.”  I like them.  Momma said that we could make with chocolate

First you mix peanut butter with butter and powdered sugar.  Then you paint melted chocolate on paper cups.  Put the peanut butter inside and put dark chocolate on top.  Let the chocolate get hard.

Then you eat it! They taste Yummy Yummy Yummy.  They are better then the store bought ones.  Eat enjoy

Lost Tooth

ToothToday, I lost my tooth!  Daddy pulled it out after breakfast.  It did not really hurt, but I felt it pull.  I am glad it is out.  Momma noticed when my tooth came out, the other front tooth seperated from another tooth, so I have two gaps in the front of my mouth!

I am going to give it to the toothfairy.  I will put my tooth in a little matchbox, and put it under my pillow. She will give me something in the matchbox while I sleep.

New Equipment

HelmetI got a helmet and knee pads and elbow pads from Super Store.  Super Store is a place where we can spend the tickets we earn on Wednesday nights.  We earn the tickets by bringing our Bibles, being good, doing sermon notes, doing quiet times and listening.

equipmentMy helmet has a lady bug on it with big googly eyes.  I have been using them a lot.  I really really really like them.

I also “bought” some sparkly lipstick, pencils and erasures, and fun colored pens and a scooter key chain.

I really like Super Store.

Scarey Crows

Adrian calls scarecrows, Scarey Crows.  We were pretending to be scarey crows.

This is how you make them.  Rake some leaves.  Rake more leaves.  Then stuff the leaves up your shirt and up your arms.  A trick is to use overalls or two shirts.  That way they don’t scratch you. Stuff the leaves some more and some more.

Different color clothes are the best kind.  For scarecrows hats, stuff them.  You can use buckets or hats or dress up clothes hats or you can make one.

If you smile, it is the best thing! If you want a funny scarecrow face, get a BIG leaf, poke two holes (for eyes) and then poke a nose and no mouth.  Use it as a mask.

Which is your favorite Scarey Crow?

Bonneyville Mill

millWalking with DaddyIt's fallOn Saturday, we went to the mill.  We took a walk. I found a really pretty leaf.  I asked for part of some corn.  We are going to put it under the microscope.  We bought some flour.  A dragonfly landed on Mark’s shoulder.

We learned this in school today, and it is a trivia question for you.  What is pericarp?corn coatsPretty fall leaf