Driving Lessons

CarYesterday, when Megan was playing up front with Mark making a snowman, I rolled a big huge ball and turned it into a car. Then I went up front and asked Megan if she wanted to come buy a car with me. Megan said yes and I took her over to the car.

She climbed in.  She really liked playing in it! She liked to play that her car kept needing to be fixed. I told her she needed to buy a new one and she just looked at me and giggled.

The car is still up and she still loves to play in it!

Playing With Bubbles

Bubble3Last night, Mommy and I were  playing with bubbles. We were trying to get pictures of them frosting. It was hard because it was dark and they would move where the light was not shining on them or they would to pop quickly. This is my favorite. Which is your favorite?

Click on a thumbnail picture to see a larger picture.

Bubble Monster

Bubble MonsterIt’s been really cold out. We were experimenting with ice bubbles.  I got one on my mitten. We played around with the bubble before it broke.

Original picture

I took a picture of the bubble and when I got inside, I was playing with the picture and “cartooned it” then put teeth and eyes and hair on it.

I really like playing with my pictures when Momma lets me on free time.


AudreyAudrey 3Audrey 2

















Yesterday, Megan got a pink and blue tutu for Christmas. It fits me!  Momma asked me put it on, and go outside and spin around it in. If I did, I could have a piece of chocolate and my choice of hot chocolate.

I thought it sounded kind of fun, so I did it.  It was fun, but my feet got cold because the snow kept getting in my boots it was so deep.

When I came inside, I got some warm oatmeal cookie hot chocolate and two pieces of homemade chocolate.  I think it was worth it  🙂

4 October Soccer Game

Audrey 4 OctAudrey 4Oct2This was the fourth game that I have played in. The score was 0-2. We almost made two goals but one we were offsides and the other the goalie caught.

This is the first game that I played center. I have to be ahead of defense and should be the one making some of the goals. I had to be by the ball most of the time. It is harder than playing left mid.

My coach says that I have been improving a lot on everything. I am getting lots better on staying where I am supposed to be. I still have to work on sprinting though.

I have one game and one scrimmage left for this year. I hope that I can continue playing soccer!


Second Soccer Game

GoalieI played in my second game yesterday.  We drove to Fort Wayne in the rain.

Our windshield wiper broke when we were about four minutes away from our game. We called Reagen-a team member’s-mom. She said she was about a minute away from us. When we hung up, she pulled into the gas station where we were. She took me to my game.  Mommy waited until it stopped raining enough to get the game. She made it just as we started.

The first half no one made any goals. The second half I was goalie for ten minutes. I got very confused because there where other lines for littler kids. The first ball kicked at me went in. The second ball, I got rid of.  Being a goalie is a lot of hard work and I still have a lot to learn. I am glad my coach let me try it during a game.

The other team made another goal on Hannah. We lost 0-2. I felt like I made a lot of mistakes and the game was hard. I tried my best though. I will to ask my coach questions tonight over what I am confused at.

After the game we went to the Mitchell’s new house. I really enjoyed spending time with my friend Sarah.

Fall Soccer

Approved to play!

At Andrea’s first soccer practice, I asked her coach if I could run with the girls. She said that I could also practice with them.

I practiced a few practices and then she told Mommy and Daddy that I was doing very good. She suggested that I practice with my age group that practiced at the same time as Andrea.  Daddy liked the coach and said that I could.

Pre game chat

After a couple weeks of practicing, Daddy asked how to sign me up for the team! I was able to play in  Sunday afternoon’s game after a lot of  different people’s hard work. I went to the game not sure that I could play because I needed a “playing card” and it sometimes takes a while to get one. I actually did not have a playing card, but someone had the right information on their phone, so I was could play!

Here is the rest of my schedule for the fall.

Sun Sept. 29 12:00 pm at FORT WAYNE SPORT CLUB #3
Fri Oct. 4 6:30 pm at NIBCO 5A
Sun Oct. 6 3:00 pm at NIBCO 5A
Sat Oct. 12 12:00 pm at NIBCO 5A

Mice Catching Expert!

Paul Catching Mouse Colored Marker 16 Sept 2013
Paul Catching Mouse
Colored Marker
16 Sept 2013

We went to go fill up the cat’s water. Holly was waiting for me at the door.  I couldn’t find Paul. I first filled up the water and then went looking for him.

He was right outside the door. With a mouse. It was alive. He would let it go and then go chase it again. Holly ran after it too. I had never seen Holly catch anything before.

They are doing a very good job being barn cats and catching all the mice!



Original sunflower
Original, unedited picture

I took this picture.  The sunflower was kind of dark. Momma showed me how to adjust the RAW file. Then we did a pretend a high definition effect.

I want to learn more about editing! I think the editing artist one is neater. I like how the background and the flower are really bright. I also like that you can see the design better.