Being thankful

We had a caterpillar. He was in a J.  That’s how you know they are getting ready to make their chrysalis.  Then they get straight, then they start getting green stuff on them if you are raising Monarchs.  Then they will wiggling, trying to get their skin off–their old skin off. Most caterpillars will be okay and will hang safely.  But sometimes they will fall.

If they land hard, they will die.  If they land softly, they may not.  We had a caterpillar who fell while making his chrysalis.  I felt sad.  Today, I feel sad because one of our caterpillars got sick and died.  He was not making his chrysalis.  We don’t know why he died.

I am thankful that “Georgie” was not in that cage.  We had moved him into the butterfly cage because he was starting to eat a lot.  Now he getting ready to make his web.  Then the next day he will be in a J.

I am thankful that he was not in with the little caterpillar.  We have a tiny tiny little caterpillar and I am glad he did not get sick.  We have three more caterpillars and they are done for this year.

They are going to go over to Mexico soon!  If you keep them in a house that you keep hot, and you feed them, that is okay.  It would be fun to keep a butterfly in the house over winter.

2 thoughts on “Being thankful”

  1. It is always sad when something dies. Nana and Papa were sad because someone hit and killed a raccone that have been coming to our yard. It is good that you are thankful for what you can see God doing. It is fun sometimes and amazing what He does for us even when we don’t see it happening……Love you

  2. Isnt it great to share in taking care of God’s creation, Audrey! Its wonderful too knowing that His heart is bigger than ours. He knows and cares that you feel sad. I hope you’ll have great joy in seeing Georgie off to Mexico!!!!

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