‘Fearless’ Acrylic paint By Audrey January 29 2018

“If we’re gonna fly, we fly like eagles
Arms out wide
If we’re gonna fear, we fear no evil
We will rise
By your power, we will go
By your spirit, we are bold
If we’re gonna stand, we stand as giants
If we’re gonna walk, we walk as lions”
   -Lions by Skillet –


For the past couple of days I have been dog-sitting our neighbor’s dog during the day. Max is good. He loves to play ball and follow me around while I feed the cats and goats.

Dressed for Fall

                                          All my monarchs dresses up for Halloween

Today-November 1st- I have 10 monarchs! 9 chrysalises and 1 large caterpillar. I am hoping to have butterflies over Christmas.