Last night I set up our black light to try to attract large moths.





I also tried a beer, banana and brown sugar mix that I spread on our trees to try to attract some moths too. I found a tulip tree moth and several little moths like the Isabella tiger moth and a bunch of different types of inch worm moths.

I hope I can try again this weekend and hopefully find a luna moth.


Last week, I started coaching Megan’s soccer team. I have eleven girls. It is supposed to be a kindergarten team and I have ages from 3 to 7!

We had our first game Monday.  It went pretty well. I had one little girl who would come and sit at my feet until I told her what to do! I had 7 girls on the field at a time.  The ending score was 0-1.

After the game, while we were walking back to the car, there were some geese with their goslings walking across the tracks in front of us.  It was really cute!

Learn about butterflies day

Today is National learn about butterflies day!

Here are some fun monarch butterfly facts:

Monarchs typically ride air currents of 800-1200 feet, The highest recorded was 11,000 feet!

Monarchs fly at a rate of 10-12 MPH.

Monarchs travel an average of 25 miles a day.

The largest known monarch migration site in Mexico is 216.21721 square miles.

Monarchs can flap their wings 120 times a minute.

A group of monarchs is called a congregation.

A group of monarch caterpillars is called an army.

A newly hatched caterpillar gains about 2,700 times its original weight before reaching chrysalis stage.

A large caterpillar can eat an entire milkweed leaf in less then 4 minutes.