This year I am tagging my monarchs before I release them. Tagging starts in early August and ends mid October. To tag a butterfly I have to keep a record sheet giving the tag code, state and area code for where I released the butterfly.

In December I will send in my record sheet and if any one finds a monarch with my tag on it they will send me the location of the recovery. This year I will have over 30 to tag!

By tagging monarchs we can see the survival rate of the traveling butterflies and we see how far they travel.

I’m excited to see how the tagging goes this year!


On Friday we went to the fair to watch the rodeo. Before the rodeo we watched a roping show and a alligator wresting show.

I have really wanted to hold an alligator since before Florida, after the show I was able to hold the albino alligator. Alligators kind of feel like snakes- smooth but tough.


The other day I found ten Question Mark caterpillars. I have raised question marks before but never so many.

As for Monarchs, I have seven chrysalises and twelve small caterpillars. So far I have only had two die from NPV (Nuclear polyhedrosis virus) a virus which dissolves the caterpillar from the inside out. Pretty gross!

First Monarchs of the Year!

Last week I found seven monarch caterpillars and five eggs. I found the eggs at my grandparents’ house and the caterpillars at a soccer field. I have not found any eggs or caterpillars at my house but I have seen two monarch butterflies.

This year I am hoping to keep a full journal about the caterpillars to keep track of how many I have raised.