Cherry Picking

On Sunday, a friend said we could pick cherries from her cherry tree. We were told they were canning cherries.

We went this morning. They taste yummy yum! We picked and picked and picked. We had lots of fun. We weighed them and they weighed about ten pounds!

We might make a pie with them and maybe jam. And eat them! Momma says we will probably freeze some.

My 7th Birthday!

Today is my birthday, and Adrian said “happy birthday” to me about a dozen times and I like that!

We had a soccer game this morning. We did good. We had fun.

We are going to have pepperoni pizza or ham and pineapple pizza. I have a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and ice cream. Andrea, Mark and Adrian are decorating my cake. I don’t know what it looks like. They gave me some purple frosting. It tastes go-oo–od!

I like horses. So Momma took us to see some horse statues in Lexington.

Robin Babies

We went to Grandpa’s house last week. He put his ladder up and we got to look in a nest. There were baby newborn robins.

I took this picture yesterday when they were about a week old. Momma had to crop it a little bit. I hope that I can see them before they fly away.

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Too

Today we went to see the play Winnie the Pooh. The play was done by a nearby school. They did good!

Piglet was my favorite! She got a pie in the face because she got the most money at the play (they were raising money for the drama team by voting for favorite characters).

Thank you Oma and Opa for taking us!

P.S.  We had our first Upward Soccer game.  I did a GREAT, Great, Great job. Our team worked hard and lost 5 to 7. I am looking to our next game.

First Soccer Game

Andrea and I have our first soccer game this Saturday, 1 May at 10:00. Mark’s first game is this week too (at 9:00), but he will probably miss it because he has his Pinewood Derby Race at the Elkhart Plaza.  We do not know if we will see his race, though we will watch them set up.

Hope to see you at Nortside Church of the Nazarene to cheer us on! Our games are most every Saturday for the next two months.

Learning How to Play Soccer

Yesterday, me and Andrea went for our first soccer practice. Daddy is our coach. Mark’s in soccer too. He isn’t on the same team. Mark helped Daddy coach.

At the end we got a water bottle and my uniform and some socks.

Then we got home and we tried on all of our stuff. Momma took a picture of us. We played a funny soccer game.  Me and Andrea just won! Then we  had our “victory ice cream”!

Soccer is going to be fun!

My games will be on Saturdays at 10:00 starting 1 May 2010.

Spending the Night!

Auntie Angelique asked if Andrea and I could come over and spend the night. We made some pizza and had cheese sandwiches with crackers instead of bread. We watched Parent Trap (with Haley Mills).  My friend Ianna came over too.

We all slept together in a big bed. Uncle Sam had to read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe because we had trouble getting to sleep.

I woke up and then I took a shower. Then we ate breakfast, bread and eggs and BACON! Then it was time to go.

It was FUN! Fun, Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

Making Soap

The day before yesterday we went to Mrs. Klaussen’s house.  She is a neighbor.  She taught us how to make soap! It is EASY!

Before we got there she mixed some lye with water. It is dangerous! It looked like crystals. Then she let it cool.

We used a scale and added olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil together. We had to be accurate on the amounts used. We melted it on the stove and then I mixed it to cool it down.  Mark held the thermometer.

Mrs. Klaussen poured the lye in and Momma mixed it.  We put in peppermint smell. After Momma stirred a little more, Mrs Klaussen poured it into cookie molds and milk cartons to mold it.

Then we put a piece of cardboard on top and then we put blankets over it so it could keep warm. Then we went home and let it sit for a day. 

The next morning we went to Mrs. Klaussen’s house and took it out of the molds and cut it. One of the soaps has “recycle” on it. That’s my favorite.

We now let the soap sit for three days because it is poisonous. It is very acidy and could hurt you. We have to use plastic gloves to touch it. In three days we turn it and let it air out some more. We have to let it air for three to six weeks before using it.

I want to make soap again! 

Still Love them

I like Cheerios. I prefer regular, but I like Honey Nut Cheerios too. They are my favorite breakfast cereal. I have liked them since I was little. Here is a story from when I was little.


By Audrey, age 3 (26 September 2007)

I put the Cheerios in the bowl. Five bowls from downstairs. I come upstairs with the bowls. I put some Cheerios in there. A lot of Cheerios!

I ran away with them. I was going to MacDonalds. I ran away again. Then I ran away lots of times. I ran some more…Some Cheerios ran away too with me. I hold the Cheerios and ran away with them to MacDonalds.

Momma saw me. Momma take a picture. “Come over here! No, Don’t get no more Cheerios and run away with them. With lots and lots of Cheerios.” Momma put them in the box and put the Cheerios away.

I really a lot and a lot like lots of Cheerios.

I don’t have any more. I not do it anymore.

The end.

Something New I Can Do

I told Mark, “can you help me ride Andrea’s bike?” So he did! He helped me, he holded me and then he ran with me and let go. I rode for a little bit and fell.

Then I ran inside,”Mom Mom! I rode Andea’s bike!” Momma said, “without me seeing?” She said, “no way! You can’t ride it!”

Then Momma got some brownies ready–she made them yesterday without us knowing–and said they were to celebrate.

Then I showed Mommy. She let me ride on the road. I shouted, “Zoooommmm”. She took pictures. Momma was surprised, because this was the first time someone helped me to learn. When Mommy watched, I had to turn. With trees in the way, I crashed into them. I did not get hurt, Yippee! Then I ate my brownie! It was good.

I liked riding Andrea’s bike. I liked surprising Mom. She was very surprised. I want to get my training wheels off and ride some more!