I made  pajama pants for Adrian. He likes them.

I made them for four reasons:

  1. Adrian outgrew all his pajama pants except for the ones from Christmas.
  2. Adrian does not know how to sew, and I do.
  3. Adrian really liked this material.
  4. I wanted to make them special for him.

I told him they are an early birthday present 🙂


Stolen Dress

One of my favorite dresses was a blue jean dress with a bunny and a butterfly on it.  I wore it all the time because it was cute on me and I liked it.

This morning Megan was wearing the same dress.  I was teasing her that she stole my dress. Then she kept saying it was her dress.  I said it was mine. Then Megan ran off giggling.

She looks cute in it. I think she likes it too!

I am Thankful for….Siblings!

Yesterday we all got a piece of chocolate. Then we tied Mark up.  We put all of the chocolate wrappers on the floor beside Megan while she ate her chocolate.

We posed the picture so it looked like Megan was saying “ha ha, I have chocolate and you can’t have any!”

I hope you like this picture.

Thank you God for Crazy Siblings!

Caught–Tooth Fairy

Mark lost a tooth. Mark was trying an experiment.  If he could put it in a glass of water, like when Momma was little, would the tooth fairy come?  We usually put lost teeth under our pillows.

I came up for a drink of water.  I ran down stairs and told Andrea, “I saw a tiny bit of light!” She came upstairs with me and we caught it.  It was one of the tooth fairies!

The tooth fairy said she almost drowned trying to get his tooth! Mark put his tooth under his pillow and I let the tooth fairy go.  Mark said the tooth fairy came for his tooth last night.

Megan’s Waterfall

Megan was crying. So I got a comb and combed her hair and put a little waterfall in her hair.

Momma did the same for me, put a “little” waterfall in my hair. My waterfall did not stick up like Megan’s. It was too long and had to go over.

After that, Megan was happy. :)  I think all she needed was to look pretty.