Cheese Lovers Day

Today is national cheese lovers day. So we had to write out a recipe for a cheese recipe that looked interesting or we made up. I made up this one.

Make up a batch of Italian sourdough bread dough. Divide dough in half, spread on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle on fully cooked bacon and cheddar cheese. Then spread rest of dough on top. Put in refrigerator till ready to cook. Cook at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Sprinkle on mozzarella, provolone, and cheddar cheese on top. Cook another five minutes to brown cheese. Then serve with garlic butter.

Megan made a different type of bread. Here is her recipe.

Take the same kind of bread as Audrey’s and then I put on some cheese and some cooked bacon on it. I sprinkled on onion powder. Then I rolled it like a cinnamon roll. I let it rise a few hours. Then I cooked it and added more cheese. It tasted very very good!


Pop Quiz Answer

This Is a Crowned slug moth, I found it in September and four days later it made its cocoon.Slug caterpillarmoth

The caterpillar eats oak, cherry, maple, hickory, elm and other woody plants.

The first instar (first stage after emerging from the egg) does not usually eat. But the caterpillar is only in this stage for a day or two. The second and third instar eats in zig-zag patterns.

Crowned slug moth larva has stinging hairs along the the ends of its body, two red dots on lower end of body and the front end crested with orange or red. So don’t touch it with bare hands! It only grows to 1.5 cm long.

This the Cocoon.
This the Cocoon.

This is the first time I have found one of these. Since it is in the cocoon right now, it appears to overwinter. I assume it will emerge in April or May like my Eastern Black Swallowtails did. I am looking forward to seeing what happens!

How did you do on the pop quiz?

Aurra Sing

Sunday, the littlest alpaca, Aurra Sing, who is six months old, got stuck in one of the fences and skinned her left back knee raw and hurt her front leg too. Mark carried her into the barn because she could not walk. Megan petted Sing to keep her calm. Mark called the vet, the vet told Mark to keep her in a separate pen and call him in the morning to see how she was.  While Mark was talking to the Vet, I watched Sing and got a pen ready for her.

Monday, Sing could walk if someone helped her up but she was limping. The Vet prescribed some medicine for her. We did school  in the pen with her and I got this cute picture of Mark and Aurra Sing.

She is doing lots better today but still is a little stiff.  We are praying that her leg gets better soon.
Mark and Sing