Last night I set up our black light to try to attract large moths.





I also tried a beer, banana and brown sugar mix that I spread on our trees to try to attract some moths too. I found a tulip tree moth and several little moths like the Isabella tiger moth and a bunch of different types of inch worm moths.

I hope I can try again this weekend and hopefully find a luna moth.


Last week, I started coaching Megan’s soccer team. I have eleven girls. It is supposed to be a kindergarten team and I have ages from 3 to 7!

We had our first game Monday.  It went pretty well. I had one little girl who would come and sit at my feet until I told her what to do! I had 7 girls on the field at a time.  The ending score was 0-1.

After the game, while we were walking back to the car, there were some geese with their goslings walking across the tracks in front of us.  It was really cute!