Snuffy the Snake

Audrey and SnuffyI got to hold Snuffy.  He is a Corn Snake.  He has been around kids ever since Miss Krista had him.  He is nice.  Big Baby held a snake too.

There was a Garter snake, it was smaller than the Corn snake.  We could not hold that one because it was not around kids so much and was wiggly.

I putted the big one around my neck.  It went down Mark’s vest.  It came out funny, funny, funny.Who is admiring who?

Adrian held the Corn Snake.  And Adrian had the Corn Snake like a leash with a clear (invisible) dog.Audrey

The Corn Snake eats mice.  He eats two or three mice every two or three weeks.  He does not eat any time else except mosquitoes.

I had fun.

6 thoughts on “Snuffy the Snake”

  1. Looks like fun Audrey, but I don’t like snakes so I am glad you and Adrian held one.

    Nana abd Papa

  2. Well I am glad you could hold a snake. I wish I could have one because you said it eats mosquitoes. Two people died of malaria here and it is not summer yet!

  3. Is Miss Krista the same as Krista Bailey who used to be at EnviroCorps? If she is, please tell her “Hi ” for me.

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