AudreygameI had three games this weekend.  The first two we won and the last one we lost by one point. We played hard!

I did good.  Sunday my coach did not yell at me at all! She was not there 🙂

I need to learn to dribble with my head up. I also need to learn to run faster. I have never made a goal but would really like to.

Daddy is helping us to dribble around cones and having us sprint.  He is also helping us to be able to run longer.  My legs are tired when he is done!

Here is my schedule for the rest of my soccer season if you want to see me play:

SAT-SUN 5/3-5/4 Tournament at Fort Wayne Hefner Fields at 11:00 and 3:30.  Sunday’s game times are unknown right now.
FRI 5/9 6:00p  at Jr Irish field 4B
SUN 5/11 2:00p at Hatchet Memorial Soccer Complex #02
FRI 5/16 6:00p at Nibco Field #1
SAT 5/17 12:00p at Nibco Field #1
THUR 5/22 6:00p at Nibco Field #1