Pumpkin Fun

Our pumpkinsToday at Nature Nuts, I made a book about pumpkins.  They first start out as a seed.  Then a sprout, then a plant, then they flower, then a little green pumpkin starts to grow.  Then it gets yellowish, then it gets orange. Then you can pick it when it is all orange and make jack o lanterns!Cleaning

I got to pick a pie pumpkin. Do you know why they are called pie pumpkins? Because they have a lot of seeds to plant and lots of flesh for making pies!  Or you can cook the Carvingseeds and eat the seeds after they are cooked.

To make a jack o lantern, first wash your hands.  Because your hands may be dirty and get in your seeds.  Then you carve off the top and then take the seeds out.  Momma says “Save the seeds for Finishedlater!”  Then I carved out a mouth, then a nose, and then an eye, then another eye.  Then you wash your hands again because they are all gooey!

We got to eat pumpkin seeds and cookies, yummy cookies.

P.S.  Watch out for the pumpkin poop! 🙂Pumpkin poop

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Fun”

  1. Pumpkin poop can be a problem can’t it. It will make you have to go back to Uncle Sam. But it all looks like fun to me……and Nana

  2. What a lot of fun. We have pumpkins here, but we do not make faces with them. Ours do not turn orange. Ours are more of a mustard colour, and greenish on the outside.

    We bake ours in the oven, skin and all and then take out the seeds!


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